History of Beau Affinité

Since its founding in 2022, Beau Affinité has transformed from a brand whose designs were first created on a kitchen table in a small village of East Sussex to a steadily growing brand in the heart of London, Our visionary, creativity, and innovative design bring luxury fashion to all women of any shape or size. Ensuring fashion is for the individual, not the masses.

The Founder of Beau Affinité

The Brands Founder was born in Manchester, England on May 16th 1989. In his youth, he moved around the North of England; When he was 18 years old, he had the opportunity to travel the world. Inspired by his observation of many countries he visited, he noticed a common issue that all women face; Garment manufacturers create their garments for the masses and think little of the uniqueness of each woman’s body. He began to create his designs. With the dream that one day he would create a brand that all women would never have to suffer from mass produced garments that do not fit their size or unique shapes.

Beau Affinité represents the pinnacle of British artisanal excellence and its designs are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail. Following the brand’s founding, Beau Affinite continues to redefine luxury while celebrating creativity and innovation through its collections of made-to-wear and bespoke, silk and natural fibre garments.
Beau Affinité aims to bring a new era of fashion where the individual customer is put forward before the masses. All women are perfectly unique and have unique shapes, so why should they be left to choose their garments from a small pool of selected sizes? Our goal is to open luxury to all women by handcrafting the finest made-to-fit garments and to continue to empower all of our customers.
Women Empowerment


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