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As well as promoting sustainable wear to all women, we also proudly support multiple charities.



On the 11th October 2023, Beau Affinité had the pleasure of partaking in and supporting a fashion show charity auction organised by London Finest events, dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the Breast Cancer Awareness Charity ‘CoppaFeel’. We proudly donated our Monika three-piece corset set to raise funds for this wonderful charity. CoppaFeel is a breast cancer awareness charity based in London and who focuses on promoting early detection of breast cancer by encouraging women under 30 to regularly check their breasts.

For more information about this incredible charity, please click below


Make A Wish Foundation and Family Action

The ‘Crown Gala’ is an amazing organisation who brings together brands, influencers, models and people who can make a difference to support various charities. Beau Affinité had the pleasure of donating five separate prizes to raise money for ‘Make A Wish Foundation’ (A charity dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of children with critical illnesses between the ages of 3 and 18 years old) and ‘Family Action’ ( a UK based charity who provide support for families. We continue to support the Crown Gala and are excited to further support their chosen charities. 

For more information about these incredible charities, please click below


‘London Fashion Day’ is a London based organisation who brings together designers from around the world to showcase their unique collections. Since their first fashion show in London in 2023, Beau Affinité have continued to support the organisation’s owner ‘Kostiantyn’ in promoting the organisation’s growing presence in the London Fashion World. We look forward to continuing to support their events and fashion shows.

To Learn more about London Fashion Day and how you can be a part of their shows, please click below


‘Global Woman Club’ is an incredible organisation aimed at empowering women and supporting women in business. Beau Affinité had the honour of attending the launch of Global Man whose aim was to create a positive space for inspiring women and men from all walks of life to work together to achieve greatness. We were grateful to be invited into the Global Women family and even more honoured to have our COO of Beau Affinité appointed as one of the ambassadors.

For more information about Global Woman and Global Man, please click below


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