Whether it’s a gift for someone else or yourself, give your order a personalised feel with our gifting options.
beau affinité packaging
beau affinite silk bag

Magnetic Sealed Box

Whether for yourself or as a gift our signature Beau Affinité box with magnetic seal. Will set the tone straight away

Silk Lingerie Bag

Unwrap your lingerie in style with our silk pink Beau Affinité bag. Made from sumptuous silk, your bag is as elegant as it is functional – innovatively packed to make sure it stays safe on its way to you.

Choose the perfect unboxing experience for you

Purchasing our larger garments?

Experience a sense of anticipation and elegance with our Beau Affinité suit carriers. As you unwrap your larger garments, know that your unique garment is encased in luxurious fabric. Open it with confidence, knowing your purchase is protected in style.


Add a personal touch by writing a note that will be included inside your order. Enter your personalised message to your box to make the perfect gift.
beau affinite personalised letter
beau affinite personalised letter

Thank you from us to you

Purchasing as a gift

We value each and every customer and work hard to ensure you have the best Beau Affinité shopping experience. As you reveal your garment, as a thank you, enjoy a personalised note handwritten by us
If you are purchasing a garment as a gift for someone else, let us know by adding your personal note in the ‘additional information’ box seen at the checkout. We will then handwrite your note to be sent with the garment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Packaging Sustainable?

Beau Affinité is always working towards promoting a more sustainable future. It is another reason why we hold no stock as we want our customers to treasure their bespoke garments for years to come.
All of our lingerie bags are crafted from naturally sourced silk and are reusable. and our Beau Affinité boxes are made from recycled cardboard.

When you arrive at checkout, you will see a box for ‘Additional Information’, here you will be able to let us know this order is a gift and write the personalised note you wish us to handwrite and send. If you have any concerns, please contact us for assistance
To ensure the safety and pristine condition of your unique garments, we carefully package each item in the most protective manner. This meticulous approach guarantees that your purchase arrives at your doorstep intact and without damage. Due to our commitment to safe delivery, we do not offer customizable packaging options.


Our customer service team will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.


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