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On November 19th, 2023, Beau Affinité held our inaugural standalone red carpet event fashion show in Holborn, London, where we presented our Midnight Collection—an exquisite array of thirteen unique silk lingerie sets. This event marked the beginning of what we envision to be a series of such showcases.

The Midnight Collection garnered high praise from all those in attendance, who described it as “elegant,” “classy,” and “sophisticated.” The overwhelmingly positive feedback particularly noted our commitment to handcrafting garments that are tailored to fit all women, a testament to our dedication to quality and inclusivity.

All women are unique, so why aren’t your garments unique to you?

Hairstylist Dar and Miss England 23/24 Natasha
World renowned Celebrity Hairstylist Dar and Miss England Natasha on the red carpet
Mirela Sula, Tre Lowe and Enas Daeki
Mirela Sula, Tre Lowe and Enas Daeki on the red carpet
Domenica Set on the runway
Showcasing our luxury Domenica Set on the catwalk
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We were thrilled to experience such substantial interest and demand for another show, and we're pleased to announce we will be showcasing our new Dawn Collection this November!

After the event, we saw a significant surge in consultation requests, indicating the increasing excitement surrounding our brand. It’s incredible to witness such a positive reaction, and we look forward to seeing more of our garments worn across the world.
CEO and COO of Beau Affinité
CEO of Beau Affinité and Model Partner and COO. Photo by Alan Strutt
Beau Affinité wants to say a huge thank you to the incredible team of inspiration woman who made this show happen

Models – Lydia Clifford, Rania Montalbetti, Melisse Lis, Grace Richo, Lidia Muzyka, Marina Ryinskaya, Emily Lexie, Kim Engelhardt, Chiara Elisabetta, Millie Austin-Hare, Nicola Lucy, Kes Rowlands and Lorena Lupu.

Make-up and Hair – [Lead] Kacey Comarsh, Morgan Dee, Sophie Lucas, Phoebe, Izzy, Annabella Hudgell, Olga Andreevna, Jijo Jo,, Alona Dmytrenko
Performers, DJ, Hostess, Venue – Josie May, DJ Fabrizia, Chanelle Sage

Keep an eye on our socials for information on our next show this November

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